Monthly Bank Reconciliation from $50/month

Hate reconciling your bank accounts every month? Haven’t reconciled in months? We can catch up your reconciliations in no time and keep them up to date. Besides keeping your checkbook current, reconciliations help spot bank errors, as well as debit card and employee theft. For a small monthly fee, you get peace of mind and time to run your business. Win-win! Call or text Tammy Collins today – 401-952-9919 or email ¬†

If you have a company credit card, you should be reconciling that account monthly as well. It ensures all your expenses are properly tracked, and can help protect against fraud, identity theft and employee misuse of company cards.

Credit card & bank reconciliations are available as part of a full service bookkeeping package or stand-alone.  Every service is fully customized to your needs and budget.