Green your office

I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon. Going green is the exception to that rule. Having worked in a variety of industries over the years, I’m constantly amazed at how much paper and other waste is generated in an office. I’m even more amazed at how difficult it is to find paper records after they are filed. Is the filing system to blame? Maybe, but the bigger problem is storing and properly disposing of all the paper records after their usefulness has passed.

 Nearly 5 years ago, Paragon SBS bought its first scanner, a Fujitsu Scan Snap. This is a great little scanner, that converts the scanned document to a searchable pdf. The nice thing about it is you can scan and sort your paper documents, and then shred the hard copy. A simple off-site back-up system protects all your scanned goodies for less than $6/month. I use, but there are many similar companies. My preference for Mozy is the price, currently $6.95/month, and the automatic back-up. I leave my computer running, and Mozy’s software backs up any changes. It’s simple, it’s secure, and it’s completely fool proof since the process is automatic. Paper storage has been cut by nearly 75%, and storage simplified. We were able to eliminate the extra file cabinets and are completely protected in the event of a fire/flood as everything is now stored digitally.

My family and I had dinner one night at Ted’s Montana Grill in Cranston, RI. I was so impressed with the simple changes they made that I was inspired to share my green ideas with our clients. Ted’s claim to fame, besides the amazing bison meat they serve, is they are 99% plastic free. The tables are covered with recycled paper, which is removed and recycled between customers. Their straws are biodegradable paper. Their restrooms use low flow toilets and have instructions to flush up or down, depending on your business in the stall. The sinks are automatic and they use electric hand dryers. They brag about their accomplishments in the nicest of ways so that you can’t feel anything but respect and admiration at such dedication to the environment.

 Your business/home can run the same way. This is not a publicity stunt. It’s a simple change from the usual that makes a big difference. Small steps go far, and doing the right thing will not only help the environment, it will make your office (and home) free of the paper clutter that plagues us all. Reduce, reuse, recycle is critically important to making our planet a better place for us, our children, and for all generations yet to come.

 Stuck on how to start? Paragon now offers an inexpensive 2 hours tutorial on going green. The savings speak for themselves.