Is QuickBooks Online for you? Let’s see!

Intuit recently updated its QuickBooks Online product. The older version was very similar to QuickBooks desktop editions making it simple for any accounting professional to make the change.

The new version looks completely different, and for the long-time user of QB desktop, it is a bit of a surprise. For the new (non-accountant) user, it’s a breath of fresh air.  Aesthetically, QBO is colorful and intuitive. It’s simple to use for business owners, yet robust enough to provide the necessary reports they’ll need to manage their business. It’s based in the cloud, so no more worries about hard drive failures. QBO can be accessed from anywhere, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It functions well on PC and Mac platforms and makes online banking a snap. It allows for simultaneous access for up to 25 users. Support is included in the cost of the product. QBO Plus tracks inventory.

Some users may not be able to make the switch:

  • Point of Sales does not integrate with QBO.
  • QBO does not offer QuickBooks Bill Pay (but your bank probably does).
  • QBO can track expenses by job, but cannot do complete job costing.
  • Reporting in QBO is somewhat less robust than desktop editions with less flexibility in the customization of forms and reports.

The cost of QBO is higher than the cost of a desktop edition of QB Pro, but the convenience of the cloud can make the additional expense worth it.

Your best bet? Consult a Certified ProAdvisor today to determine what is the best solution for your business.


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